BE Resilient - 55 Day Journey to Resiliency

Uncategorized Nov 13, 2020

This episode is in celebration of me turning the speed limit of #55.  In honor of this occasion I'm sharing 55 Resiliency Tips that helped me along my journey.   I will be sharing a Tip each day on my social media channels.  I will also share a tip or two on each episode between now and the New Year (2021).

A few of the tips introduced this week...

BE Resilient Series Days 1 - 4

1)  You don’t fail when you lose, you fail when you quit.
2)  Going to Adversity School can be challenging.  You graduate based upon the resiliency  you endured during the program
3) We must learn to manage our own emotions around the chaos
4) Face Your FEAR with FAITH 

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