BE Resilient Series - Resilient JOY

Uncategorized Dec 17, 2020

This week’s episode we are continuing the BE Resilient Series. Today our theme is having Resilient Joy.

Not only is this the season, and month to show more JOY but especially as we wind down this year. We can have Resilient Joy in our lives as we begin to move into the new year to transform our lives and the lives of others. 

Today’s guest is a veteran speaker, entrepreneur and educator. Denise Hart has trained and taught entrepreneurs to improve their sales and to speak powerfully from any platform.  Today Denise is growing her home décor empire with her YouTube show Thrifty Fly DIY where she shares tips and how to's help homeowners make their home a custom on a budget. 


Topics discussed in today’s segment


  • Learn to Cheer for yourself
  • Transformation in your home can also translate to transformation in your life
  • What is your diplomacy statement?


Denise’s mantra to be more Resilient

  1.  It’s ok to just have a good ole’ CRY 
  2.  It’s ok to VENT
  3.  Write down your feelings – those things that the situation really can’t touch


Join Denise’s Vision Board Event on 12/11/20 

Sign up here: 

Visit Denise’s YouTube Channels at: Thrifty Fly DIY with Denise Joy - YouTube

And her new DIY Duo Redesign series there on her YouTube site.

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