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Uncategorized Oct 22, 2020

On episode 6 Dawn Kirk shares  a bit of her story of how she transitioned  from Corporate America into entrepreneurship along with discussing her new book entitled, Heartbeat Leadership.

A few nuggets of how to unplug your arteries from the show...

  • Heartbeat Leadership is a mindset, you must put people first to have great leadership.
  • Many leaders do not take seriously the position of leadership, only looking to - title, position and money.
  • Heartbeat Leadership is learning how to drive results and have the right focus on people
  • People are the heart of the organization – the pulse
  • A good onboarding process is key to any leadership role. 

 Dawn S. Kirk shares her proven six Pulses of Heartbeat Leadership to empower leaders

Six Pulses of Heartbeat Leadership

  • Priorities: The Purpose of Leadership. 
  • Preparation: The Energy of Leadership. 
  • People: The Power of Leadership. 
  • Processes: The Drivers of Leadership.  
  • Performance: The Metrics of Leadership. 
  • Promotion: The Growth of Leadership. 

Challenging times taught Dawn how to be more creative which then lead to realizing her resiliency. 

You can follow  and reach out to Dawn at  or you can Text BIZCOACH 2100 for all of Dawn Kirk’s contact information.

Available NOW on Amazon Kindle.  Heartbeat Leadership Book  will be available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and BAM October 27.

Heartbeat Fun - Snap a picture of you listening to the podcast episode, post on IG or FB and tag @theretireprenur5.0 and share the post and have your name will be entered in a drawing for a copy of her new book Heartbeat Leadership!

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