Retirepreneur Podcast Episode 2 - 55 Underemployed and Faking Normal

podcast Sep 24, 2020

Up close and personal with Elizabeth White, author of 55 Underemployed and Faking Normal

Elizabeth discusses her book and story that affects so many individuals in their fifties and older.  Her story of how others connected with her and them sharing in their story and how she overcame and helped others.

A few bullet point nuggets from the episode:

·  52% of individuals lose their jobs in their 50’s. Of that number only 10% will never get a job again commensurate in pay with the one left with.

·  40% of near retirees are looking at poverty or near poverty conditions - middle class American that were doing ok and are now not going to be ok

·  Your booth-strapped ingenuity is no match for disappearing pensions – your bootstrapped ingenuity is no match for escalating costs, housing, healthcare, for pension, social security, your ingenuity is no match for this pandemic 

·  One-third of the workforce is in the gig economy - everyone has some sort of side hustle and for the first time 

· People are hurting and these are boomers not including everyone now going thru this pandemic

· Resilient Circles takes the shame out of whatever you’re going thru…you don’t have to hide your problems, speak honesty and with people you may or may not know which eventually you do become good friends

· 1/4 of business start-up’s are from people over age 50

 Elizabeth White began her career at the World Bank, then became a retail entrepreneur and is now an advocate for older adults facing uncertain work and financial insecurity and author of “55, Underemployed and Faking Normal”. 


Follow Elizabeth on Twitter @55fakingnormal.

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