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Where "Salt and Pepper" Seasoned Women Over 50 build their Retirepreneur Empires in their NEXT Chapter!


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What's the Retirepreneur Podcast About?

The Retirepreneur podcast is a place that helps women age 50 and older transition from the corporate world into becoming a Retirepreneur or simply enjoy retirement in your NEXT. The Next chapter of your life.  I will chat with guests who have successfully transitioned into building their own Retirepreneur Empires and those not so successfully. Learn about my story having recently transitioned from Corporate America with over 30 years in HR - Benefits and Retirement world, I feel and know your transition pain. I will provide you with inspiration, resources, and tips on taking charge of our mindset, health, and wealth in this phase of life. You will hear from influencers, financial and business minded experts as well as authors that will help you navigate your retirement journey. 

  •  How do you say goodbye to a 25-30-year long career and salary?
  • How can you plan to transition mentally, financially, and emotionally for you and your family? Do you have enough to retire or do you have just enough to keep you afloat? 
  • Are you in the right type of mindset to start a business?
  • Do you just need a side hustle to get you through and too retirement, or a plan B and C? How do you know if you are saving enough to retire, or even in the right type of retirement and investment programs?
  • What happens if you become ill and cannot work in your business? What type of insurances programs do you need to protect yourself and your business and the type of contingency plans to have in place in case this happens?

Facing ageism in your current position and life, Inequalities in our healthcare systems, caregiving, all challenges we often face or will.  We’ll chat about these challenges and more on each episode. Reclaiming Resilience in your NEXT chapter!



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