I've had enough of Uncertainty - I Choose Certainty


Are you tired of the Uncertainty?   In episode 7 this week touches upon the Uncertainty we often face that stalls us into action.   

Why not choose Certainty.  

We all to some degree want to have some degree of predictability. 

The Rearview Mirror Syndrome (RMS) by Hal Elrod is when our subconscious minds are equipped with self-limiting rearview mirror, which we continuously relive and recreate our past, making the mistake to believe that who we were is who we are.   

Look thru the front window or mirror in front of you instead. 

I share my 5 FOR CERTAINS points: 

For Certain #1 - Knowing what you want out of life and what real matters

For Certain #2 - Know where you want to go and how to get there

For Certain #3 - Know your current money situation; what are your fixed costs and  discretionary costs.

For Certain #4 - Know what type of benefits you currently have and ones you don't that you may need to consider in the future


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