Retirepreneur Podcast - Open Enrollment Hits Different This Year


Episode 4 provides resource information on this year's Open Enrollment period.

COVID-19 Pandemic places a new meaning to this year's Open Enrollment for individuals and employers. It hits differently. This episode provides some resources and guidance for you to consider while you're making your selections this year.  

  • Review your Life Insurance policies and beneficiary designations
  • Medical and RX coverages - make sure you take a white glove approach in reviewing these plans this year.
  • Dental and Vision - if you haven't enrolled you may want to consider enrolling as these plans also may diagnosis medical conditions.
  • EAP - we all need to take advantage of this employer paid free service for your emotional, physical and financial health.

Resources mentioned in this episode:


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Retirepreneur Podcast Episode 3 It's Not your Everyday Cookbook It's a LVNG Cookbook


Your doctor states you have high blood pressure and states you need to change your eating habits and maintain a healthy weight. Your doctor hands you a list of foods you can and can't eat and sends you along your way to fend for yourself.

Well not any more, with LVNG Cookbook you can have your favorite healthy meal (made for your specific dietary cardiovasular needs) customized by you. Once you customize your own recipes, you can scan your phone over the QR code and your grocery list is produced.  You can then have it delivered by InStacart by the time you return home from your doctors appointment. Now that is genius! 

Hear all about her story and why she created this unique concept to help many individuals customize their own healthy recipes. 


Check out this Fall Apple Crisp Recipe



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Retirepreneur Podcast Episode 2 - 55 Underemployed and Faking Normal


Up close and personal with Elizabeth White, author of 55 Underemployed and Faking Normal

Elizabeth discusses her book and story that affects so many individuals in their fifties and older.  Her story of how others connected with her and them sharing in their story and how she overcame and helped others.

A few bullet point nuggets from the episode:

·  52% of individuals lose their jobs in their 50’s. Of that number only 10% will never get a job again commensurate in pay with the one left with.

·  40% of near retirees are looking at poverty or near poverty conditions - middle class American that were doing ok and are now not going to be ok

·  Your booth-strapped ingenuity is no match for disappearing pensions – your bootstrapped ingenuity is no match for escalating costs, housing, healthcare, for pension, social security, your ingenuity is no match for this pandemic 

·  One-third of the workforce is in the...

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Retirepreneur Podcast Episode 1 - You Know Her


Have you ever experienced a low period in your life, where you didn't think you could dig your way out of the rut?  How did you land where you are now, at this age?

Are you well educated with degrees and certifications a mile long, decent salary, yet struggling financially? Or are you not highly educated, only seasoned with years of experience, earning a decent salary and still struggling financially and wondering how you're going to prepare for retirement? Do you endure what's happening to you in silence?

Are you Unemployed, Underemployed and Uncertain of your NEXT and just Faking Normal?

You may know Her. 

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Let’s get out of the Maze together!

Quote of the day: “You’re not retiring, you’re making and taking advantage of Real Possibilities of achieving Your Dreams.”

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